schedule a free consultation

We offer free 15-min consultations to every potential ChapterUp member. This helps us match you with a Mental Wellbeing Coach to fit your needs and include you in the right Support Group to give you the experience that fits your needs. Can’t wait for you to join our safe and supportive community.

Easy setup of Free Call

A short 15 min chat to learn more about your goals, share about the experience, and answer any questions you may have! Can’t wait!

What does it cost?

Our initial consultation is free. At this point we work with you to either organise an initial one on one with a therapist or healer or include you in a supportive group. We will confirm the standard one on one sessions with you at our consultation. You can join the initial group session free. If you’d like to continue to be part of our group we would appreciate a payment of $29 on a monthly basis to be able to pay our kind hosts.

Don't see a time listed that works for you?

Send us an email at and we’ll work with your schedule.We look forward to hearing from you.